Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buh Bye 2011, Marci's last rant of the year.

Marci Geller

Dearest Lovely Listeners,

I decided to send this December newsletter later in the month to be closer to the holidays. All I can say is, wow, we did it! Together we traveled a year like no other and I remain completely humbled and grateful for the support, belief, enthusiasm and kindness so many of you have shown me.

I considered doing sort of a "Year In Review" and overwhelmed myself. It was however, good for me to see how much progress was made, because in all honesty, the lack of sun this time of year sometimes has me questioning myself (the sun as well as the ever-popular carb fest that starts Thanksgiving weekend!). I forgive myself for small digressions and also feel really proud of the work that was done both personally and professionally. I credit so many of you for helping me to find that path once again, and to stay on it. I hope you know how much I appreciate every single one of you!

November was an amazingly validating month:

Last Licks was so filled with joy. Not only did I get to share the evening with my wonderful friend Barbara Kessler, but so many friends from High School surprised us as well as my former Lucky 13 bandmate Cathy Kreger who sang on the last song with us (which sadly didn't get recorded because the battery died on the camcorder half way through the song before it ) We did get this new one at the top of the set for you:

The Bread Box was packed and I actually got to sing with the talented Hugh Blumenfeld and his wonderful band. I really wanted to share this song because it is so special in that it was written as part of a songwriting challenge given at NERFA. Check it out:

was exhausting and exhilarating as always and filled with moments that had a huge impact on me, like a three hour conversation with Marshal Rosenberg from Buskin and Batteau Trio
the morning after they hosted me. This was recorded at 2am at NERFA:

To cap off the month, I was generously invited by Buskin and Batteau Trio to sit in with them at the Folk Society of Huntington. What an incredible honor:

In closing...

If you want a sneak peak of the songs we've mixed so far for the new CD, check out the music player on the bottom left corner of my website, or the Music page on my website.

I am so filled with gratitude for each and every one of you and wish you all the merriest of holiday seasons and a happy, healthy, beautiful New Year!

With latkes, candy canes, menorahs and Christmas Trees;
Love and best wishes,

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