Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buh Bye 2011, Marci's last rant of the year.

Marci Geller

Dearest Lovely Listeners,

I decided to send this December newsletter later in the month to be closer to the holidays. All I can say is, wow, we did it! Together we traveled a year like no other and I remain completely humbled and grateful for the support, belief, enthusiasm and kindness so many of you have shown me.

I considered doing sort of a "Year In Review" and overwhelmed myself. It was however, good for me to see how much progress was made, because in all honesty, the lack of sun this time of year sometimes has me questioning myself (the sun as well as the ever-popular carb fest that starts Thanksgiving weekend!). I forgive myself for small digressions and also feel really proud of the work that was done both personally and professionally. I credit so many of you for helping me to find that path once again, and to stay on it. I hope you know how much I appreciate every single one of you!

November was an amazingly validating month:

Last Licks was so filled with joy. Not only did I get to share the evening with my wonderful friend Barbara Kessler, but so many friends from High School surprised us as well as my former Lucky 13 bandmate Cathy Kreger who sang on the last song with us (which sadly didn't get recorded because the battery died on the camcorder half way through the song before it ) We did get this new one at the top of the set for you:

The Bread Box was packed and I actually got to sing with the talented Hugh Blumenfeld and his wonderful band. I really wanted to share this song because it is so special in that it was written as part of a songwriting challenge given at NERFA. Check it out:

was exhausting and exhilarating as always and filled with moments that had a huge impact on me, like a three hour conversation with Marshal Rosenberg from Buskin and Batteau Trio
the morning after they hosted me. This was recorded at 2am at NERFA:

To cap off the month, I was generously invited by Buskin and Batteau Trio to sit in with them at the Folk Society of Huntington. What an incredible honor:

In closing...

If you want a sneak peak of the songs we've mixed so far for the new CD, check out the music player on the bottom left corner of my website, or the Music page on my website.

I am so filled with gratitude for each and every one of you and wish you all the merriest of holiday seasons and a happy, healthy, beautiful New Year!

With latkes, candy canes, menorahs and Christmas Trees;
Love and best wishes,

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Thankful November! More concerts, Conferences, Video and More!

Marci Geller

Hello Lovely Listeners,
As I sit here writing, I am feeling incredible thankful for this crazy roller coaster of a year. I started out with so much trepidation about the future and now look back on a year filled with fabulous shows, grand accomplishments and most importantly-all of you! You all give me the inspiration and fire in my gut that encourages me to keep making this music and to keep sharing it, so thank you from the bottom, middle and top of my heart.

I will be heading up to Kerhonkson NY for my very first solo appearances at the 2011 NERFA Conference. If you're planning on going and would like to catch me, my schedule is below under calendar listings.

I have three shows rounding out November that I'm really excited about. First I'll be back at the Breadbox in Willimantic, CT on Saturday, 11/19 opening for the wonderful Hugh Blumenfeld! Next next day I will be performing at WHUD's Chocolate, Sweets & Holiday Treats up in New Windsor, NY.

Winding down the weekend of gratitude, I couldn't be more excited to be back at Last Licks in Huntington on Saturday, 11/26, with my very special guest and dear friend and former High School mate, the fabulously talented Barbara Kessler!

Lots of videos to share from last month of various performances. Here are two:

A new one for you all! Driving in Manhattan performed at the
4th Annual Patchogue Arts Festival

Day Without the Kids performed at the same festival.

Some nifty performance photos by the incredible Neil Tandy from Image Photographers:

Me Love this shot of Warner!
My amazing husband Gian after the festival celebrating his birthday at Chachama Grill (which was fabulous btw)

This past weekend was spent with my friends Warner Cook, John Tabacco, Donna Heitner, Honor Finnegan and Gian DiMauro my
hubby and engineer extraordinaire recording background vocals. The whole process got me so giddy, I found myself jumping and dancing around like a little kid. I guess when one is moved to such silliness, you know you're on the right track!

If you missed the webcast, you can view it HERE with the password FollowMarci and definitely let me know if you dance around a bit!

I've been a bit passive about my fundraising efforts for the CD. Honestly, I've never been comfortable asking for help of any kind and money makes me especially squirmy. The reality is, without further funding, I'm going to have a beautiful CD with no way to get it out to you. Many have urged that I start a Kickstarter campaign or something of that ilk. Can you give me some feedback? It would be really helpful as I try to sort this all out.

And yes, the magic donation button still works if that is comfortable for you:

I was so inspired this month, I revamped my website...let me know what you think!

A big thank you to Kathy Milar at WHUD for the fun interview she did on 10/28/11.

Wishing you all an infinite number of blessings to be thankful for.....
Much love and gratitude,


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy October! Trick, treat or concerts?

Marci Geller

Hello Lovely Listeners,
Fall arrived literally overnight. Warner and I had traveled up to perform at the Towne Crier and it was a balmy 78º. Midnight hit and BAM-the temp dropped down to 48º! Warner explained that it was now officially his birthday and that it was always a cold one, so you can thank him for the departure of summer.

My plans to slow down touring and finish the CD have been mildly thwarted by wonderful gig offerings, which are listed below. Meanwhile, we had a spectacular September which included performing at Central Park!

Here we are at the International Vigil for Peace & Ecology. Notice the really rude man who entered the stage during our performance. He performed right before us and apparently felt compelled to complain about the stage monitoring during my song! LOL! Well as always, the show must go on, right?

Here's "Surf the Undertow" performed at the Towne Crier:

This photo was taken by a dear friend Sharron with one of my favorite musicians and people. What an honor to open for the Nenad Bach Band!

Nenad Bach & Me at the Towne Crier!
Here's a great performance shot of Warner taken by the fabulously talented photographer Neil Tandy:
Photo Courtesy of Image Photographers (631) 987 0605/(917) 921 9669

I'm still raising money to help get this CD made, so if you're able, please use the donate button below. A big thank you to those who already have!

I got a massive feature in the Girls Rock! column by Will Phoenix of the LA Examiner-wow he dug up some stuff from my long ago past! He did a really thorough job and it was quite flattering!

Wishing you all an abundance of magical treats that please your palate and leave your hips alone,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marci Geller September 2011 Newsletter: Upcoming Shows, Switzerland Footage and more!

Marci Geller

Singer Songwriter / Acoustic / Folk

Hello Lovely Listeners,
Wow, my head is still spinning from this summer. I decided to send this a little later in the month because between our trip to Switzerland, Hurricane Irene and 9/11, it just felt right to wait a bit.

I could not be more excited about the shows this month. Each one is a tremendous honor and very unique.

On 9/18, I will be performing at a fund raiser for the Beatles' Magical Orchestra which boasts a 60 piece orchestra and has been conducted by the legendary David Amram. Tickets are limited, so please reserve asap by going to: Beatles Magical Orchestra

On Sunday the 25th, I will be performing at the Central Park Bandshell in honor of the 10th Annual Vigil for International Peace & Ecology (I know, I keep pinching myself!). I will perform my song Only Love Matters sometime after 12pm.

To cap off the month, I could not be more excited to be opening for the incredible Nenad Bach Band at the Towne Crier on 9/30. Nenad is an international super star who originates from Croatia who has shared stages with Bono, Luciano Pavarotti, Indigo Girls, Richie Havens and more. I am very humbled to be asked by him to open the show.

The CD is progressing wonderfully (and if you've missed the webcasts while we record, information is below so you can join us!). The amazing David Glaser just laid down some tracks for me and I am so excited about it. I also had the distinct honor of playing with internationally renowned cellist Jean-Philippe Martignone while in Switzerland. If we can get the technology to work, we're hoping he will be doing a guest appearance on the CD as well.

Webcast information:
URL is:
Password: FollowMarci

Next time we’re doing a session just login, chat with other MG friends and ask questions. If I’m able, I’ll answer! (To get webcast announcements: for text message click HERE and fill out the form, or follow me on Twitter or "Like" my FB Fanpage.)

Here's a little movie montage from my trip to Switzerland:

I'm still raising money to help get this CD made, so if you're able, please use the donate button below. A big thank you to those who already have!

Wishing you all sunny days and star filled nights,

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding song story - real wedding song by Marci Geller

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lesle Worman at Sonic Underground

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Wedding song story - real wedding song by Marci Geller, by Rick Mulholland

New York, NY…. May 5, 2011... Okay, let’s face it – I am a sucker for a self-penned wedding song that’s specifically written for that wedding day. A few years ago, I came across Jacqui Naylor’s “Celebrate Early and Often,” and the romantic guy inside me was deeply touched. Recently I have come across Marci Geller’s “First Dance.” A music industry veteran whose creations are featured regularly on television (and more), Marci married her best friend and co-writer Gian DiMauro. The couple will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday, May 7th, 2011.

“We co-wrote our wedding song because we met while working on a writing project together,” Marci told me. “At the time, I was working on a modern day rock musical and had decided to write each of the characters with a different person. A mutual friend suggested I work with Gian.”

Marci and Gian convened at his recording studio to collaborate on a song that they never ended up quite finishing. Two weeks later Gian proposed, and after a healthy engagement period, the two married in 1995. They decided that since their intended composition was never finished, then they might as well write one for the wedding - and that’s exactly what happened!

Listen to “First Dance.”

Buy Marci’s music at her website store.

Here are some upcoming tour dates for Marci Geller:

MAY 22 - Franklin Houseconcert Series, Franklin, MA - 1pm

JUNE 5 - First Sundays For Jack @ Living Room, NYC - Time TBA

JUNE 10 - Happenings On Main, Northport, NY - Details TBA

JUNE 11 - Homegrown Music Cafe, Port Jefferson Station, NY - 8pm

JUNE 12 - Just for Judy @ Passport Cafe, West Milford, NJ - Time TBA

JUNE 21 - Banjo Jim's, New York, NY - 7-9pm

JULY 15 - Beanberry Caffe, Miller Place, NY - 8pm

JULY 21-23 - Falcon Ride Festival, Hillsdale, NY - Check website for times

AUGUST 3 - Grafton Concerts on the Commons, Grafton, MA - 6:00pm

AUGUST 4 - Sally O'Brien's, Somerset, MA - 8:00pm

AUGUST 12 - Cinema Arts Center "Music in the Garden" - Details TBA

DECEMBER 4 - Port Washington Library*, Port Washington, NY - 3:00pm

* This is a tribute to Carole King and Carly Simon with Gathering Times’ Hillary Foxsong and Former Lucky 13 band mate Cathy Kreger!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Striking out on her own after getting “Lucky”

Miller Place, NY…. April 2011... Shortly after the turn of the new year, Suffolk County singer/songwriter and founding member of the wildly popular duo Lucky 13 Marci Geller announced that she and partner Cathy Kreger were parting ways and moving forward as solo artists. “I’m so used to being a member of Lucky 13, it’s going to take some adjusting to get used to being me again!” smiles Geller.

Marci’s career prior to founding the now defunct group is something to marvel at. Her history includes performances on “Live! With Regis,” “Good Day NY,” has a multitude of soundtrack placements and toured internationally as the support act and back up vocalist for Blackmore’s Night. She was recently chosen by Independent Songwriter Magazine (ISWM) as the “Editors Choice” as one of their favorite songwriters of the last decade. Called a “Female John Prine” by Gail Larkin, UUBR and an “East Coast Joni Mitchell” by Judy Antoon, Harid Conservatory, she is known for her strong songwriting skills and emotionally raw performances.

Rumors of a 2011 CD release have been heard and when prompted Geller enthusiastically replies “The new CD is already in progress and I’m working with some of my favorite musicians including Jay Mafale from the Yayas and David Werner Cook who produced Here on the Edge with Gian DiMauro and I a few years back.”

During her tenure with Lucky 13, she opened for such notables as James Maddock, Vance Gilbert, Jimmy Webb, Jack Hardy & KJ Denhert. Her last releases were touted as: “brilliant songwriting - Great, thoughtful lyrics and very convincing melodies, It is really great to hear an album where the songs, the performance, the overall feeling, really creates "a picture" for the listener” –Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran.

Marci’s calendar is filling up with solo dates and she will be performing her first area solo show of the year at the Beanberry in Miller Place, NY on Friday, April 22nd. “For some reason, I thought when I left Lucky 13, things would slow down a bit for me,” notes Geller. “If anything, I’m busier than ever before…and I guess that’s a good thing!” With a new CD, a fertile tour schedule and a desire to give a performance that leaves her audiences breathless, this tireless chanteuse promises to deliver. “I am so thankful for my time with L13. We traveled some bumpy roads along the way, but all in all, I consider myself a very lucky person!” decrees Geller. For more information, visit her website at:

4/22/11 Marci Geller in concert at Beanberry, 465 Park Avenue Plaza, Miller Place, NY, 631-828-8995 8:00pm, Free. For more information: or
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