Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy October! Trick, treat or concerts?

Marci Geller

Hello Lovely Listeners,
Fall arrived literally overnight. Warner and I had traveled up to perform at the Towne Crier and it was a balmy 78º. Midnight hit and BAM-the temp dropped down to 48º! Warner explained that it was now officially his birthday and that it was always a cold one, so you can thank him for the departure of summer.

My plans to slow down touring and finish the CD have been mildly thwarted by wonderful gig offerings, which are listed below. Meanwhile, we had a spectacular September which included performing at Central Park!

Here we are at the International Vigil for Peace & Ecology. Notice the really rude man who entered the stage during our performance. He performed right before us and apparently felt compelled to complain about the stage monitoring during my song! LOL! Well as always, the show must go on, right?

Here's "Surf the Undertow" performed at the Towne Crier:

This photo was taken by a dear friend Sharron with one of my favorite musicians and people. What an honor to open for the Nenad Bach Band!

Nenad Bach & Me at the Towne Crier!
Here's a great performance shot of Warner taken by the fabulously talented photographer Neil Tandy:
Photo Courtesy of Image Photographers (631) 987 0605/(917) 921 9669

I'm still raising money to help get this CD made, so if you're able, please use the donate button below. A big thank you to those who already have!

I got a massive feature in the Girls Rock! column by Will Phoenix of the LA Examiner-wow he dug up some stuff from my long ago past! He did a really thorough job and it was quite flattering!

Wishing you all an abundance of magical treats that please your palate and leave your hips alone,